Answer to Stefan Persson sigvald at
Sat Dec 7 18:53:58 CET 2002

"Stefan Persson" <reimersholme at> wrote:
> Hi all!
> Sorry for this OT-mail, but lately I have been bombarded
> with spam from Sigvald in my mailbox.

As I have said in other postings today, this was *not*
intended as it seems you prefer to believe. It was
caused by my WEB-mail system. And I am sorry for that.

> Since there is a possibillity that this spam "terrorist"

This is *crap* since the incident was *not* intended.
As you should no real SPAM *is* sent out purposly!!!

> has found my and other mail-addresses via DCML I see it as my
> duty to warn you about it so that DCML's security, if possible,
> can be improved. I'll also try to avoid bothering our Danish
> friend Søren Krarup Olesen about this matter because trcking
> the IP wouldn't affect the amount of spam mails sent.

No, what is needed is to have my WEB-mail system improved.
My provider just have told me that it has newly been changed,
probably why there has been some trouble lately. Hopefully
the system will work fine soon.

Anyway - maybe my ANTI-SPAM posting was stupid, but that's
no reason for you to react even more stupid since you
didn't know if my mail was posted 4 times by purpose.

And now, since it's soon Christmas I think that we all
should calm down and be kind with each other.

Sigvald :-)

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