OT-Spam through DCML?/DCML artist Holiday Cards

Georges Helm geohelm at pt.lu
Sat Dec 7 20:38:22 CET 2002

How comes that I received this message twice? 20:30 and 20:33


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Subject: OT-Spam through DCML?/DCML artist Holiday Cards

> For Sigvald: My E-mail address is on DCML...-and I have not been bombarded
> American, or any other type of spam! Per Starback has done a great job of
> protecting DCML and its members (at least from receiving problems
> through DCML.
> I am still receiving very few SPAM messages, as is normal. As Soeren and
> have stated, spam filters cannot screen out ALL spam.  If they were to
> out enough "types" of messages to stop ALL spam, you would also lose a
> percentage of the ordinary messages from your OWN contacts. I believe that
> primary provider's spam filter being so strong, is the reason my French
> on WANADOO cannot reach my provider provided e-mail box,- and they CAN get
> messages through to my YAHOO (web-based) e-mail box.  There are SEVERAL
> members that use my YAHOO box and have given up on my other box (even
> I've told them that I prefer private mails to the lafn box). This shows me
> happens when a provider attempts to screen out most or all SPAM. Regular
> then becomes useless!!!
> Sigvald,- Please ask your computer related questions PRIVATELY to a
> knowledgeable contact of yours in a private mail. For example, questions
> DCML's operation could better be answered by Per.  I cannot speak for
others on
> DCML, but most of us are very nice people, who would likely answer a
> question. The people who have already answered your virus questions and
> last one might be good sources to go to in future.
> Sorry, everyone, for this long off-topic message.
> I will again provide a Disney theme Holiday card for the group.  I hope
> will also do this, as they (Don, Timo and others) did over the last
> years. I can't wait to see what they look like.
> Rob
> Klein
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