HooZoo, Panchito & Mouseton

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Fernando Ventura said:
> And if I listen correctily the song, Maria, Panchito's 
> mother is brazilian! And his father married her when he 
> cames to Bahia! That's it? Or the brazilian version 
> changed something?

No, it sounds like the song is the same in Portuguese too.
When I was making notes from the song to get his full name
and his parents names I noticed that as well.  I suppose
it's possible that Panchito was even born in Bahia, though
that would take away from his "Mexican" heritage as a uniquely
Mexican Disney character, so I prefer to assume that his
parents met in Brazil, married and moved to Mexico where
he was later born.  However, having familial roots in Brazil
give Panchito plenty of reason to visit Jose on ocassions.

Donald D. Markstein asked: 
> Interesting. What's your source on that? Sooner or later,
> I'm probably going to do a Toonopedia article on Panchito,
> and that would be a nice factoid to throw in -- but I'm 
> trying to stay away from fan speculation on the characters'
> off-screen lives, so it would have to be something with
> "official" sanction before I could use it.

Nope, it's not "fan speculation" as it came directly from the
lips (do chickens have lips??? :-) of Panchito as he sang "The
Panchito Song" about the origin of his very long name.  This 
happened in the HOUSE OF MOUSE episode "Not Too Goofy" (January
19, 2002).  The episode dealt with Goofy trying to be "un-goofy"
after everyone complains about him.  Mickey brings in Jose
Carioca to teach Goofy to be more refined.  It works too well
and Goofy forgets who he really is, so, in an effort to make
Goofy proud of who he is the Three Caballeros (Panchito, Donald
and Jose) sing the song about who Panchito is.  Of course since
it's about Panchito, he primarily sings the song.

David, now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure it was the
"Mouseville" version you mentioned to me as I don't really 
recall the Disneyville version.  Thanks for the correction,
and I guess I mispelled Mouseton correctly ;-)  For the record,
the Walkabout versions of the Disney characters which appear at
the Theme Parks all live in Toon Town (or is it Toontown?). ;-)

-Rich Bellacera

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