HooZoo, Panchito & Mouseton

Donald D. Markstein ddmarkstein at cox.net
Wed Dec 11 17:00:03 CET 2002

> Nope, it's not "fan speculation" as it came directly from the
> lips (do chickens have lips??? :-) of Panchito as he sang "The
> Panchito Song" about the origin of his very long name.  This
> happened in the HOUSE OF MOUSE episode "Not Too Goofy" (January
> 19, 2002).  The episode dealt with Goofy trying to be "un-goofy"
> after everyone complains about him.  Mickey brings in Jose
> Carioca to teach Goofy to be more refined.  It works too well
> and Goofy forgets who he really is, so, in an effort to make
> Goofy proud of who he is the Three Caballeros (Panchito, Donald
> and Jose) sing the song about who Panchito is.  Of course since
> it's about Panchito, he primarily sings the song.

What a great source! Authentic and yet obscure, the sort of thing not just
anybody would know. It almost makes me want to write Panchito up for the
Toonopedia just so I can include it.. Thanks for sharing it.

Quack, Don

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