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Wed Dec 11 15:26:08 CET 2002

>Hi all!

>Lately I recieved an e-mail saying taht I should add the
>name "Fountleroy" as Donald's middle name in my "Who's who
>in Duckburg" pages.

>But do this "Fountleroy" name exist in the Barks/Ros universe
>or is it just an obscure name from a story by antother artist?

Rob pointed out the origin of the name Fauntleroy as Donald's middle name.
I am writing basically to confirm that this is true, especially what he said about it being a definite Disney fact.  Though, I must say I'm not sure how often it has shown up in Disney comics.

Extra point -- Fauntleroy makes sense, me that name makes me think of a young, prissy boy and if one recalls early Donald films he was found on occasion to be prancing about as if he was raised that way, but I guess in the end, too many of his mother's genes have formed his nature in the end.

P.S.  In need of a Rosa calendar as well.

-John Crocker
Big fan of Jonflip

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