US Disney Comics finally back!

Anita B og Erlend V Enget abeenget at
Wed Dec 11 14:45:48 CET 2002


It's really a Christmas gift given to us, just reading the news that finally
Disney comic books will be soon back in the US. I guess we soon will hear
from Gemstone, all of us subscribers to Gladstone's premier class comic

I was litterary raised on Donald Duck&Co, the weekly Norwegian comic book,
during the 70's, and still addicted to milk, I keep buying it weekly. My
firt meeting with the US edition of Disney comic books was in the late 70's,
exploring the Whitman books in comic stands at certain bookstores here in
Norway. I was completely sold, and had my first complete decade of
subscribing and buying back issues when finally the 2nd round of licence was
taken from Gladstoen some years ago!

Missing out the 60th Anniversary of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in
October 2000 was a tragedy, however taking away Gladstone's Disney comic
books license was the biggest of them all!

I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming comics from Gemstone, suggesting they
keep "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" as one of their titles! It's an
advise, and it's even free of charge! I also hope the licensing now is
stable for a while!

It might also be a good idea selling Disney comic books in Disneyland. I had
bought several copies when I visited Disneyland, LA back in 88...

Greatings of the Season!


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