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mas mas at
Tue Dec 17 19:15:22 CET 2002

At 12:01 PM 17-12-02 +0100, Dean Rekich wrote:
>I am just very excited about the return of Disney comics in North America and
>wanted to share my opinions.  I think it would be great if other list
>members share their views also.  So hopefully we will soon have a lively
>discourse on the mailing list about this subject.

Dean, I agree with everything you've said.  Re-printing the Barks stories 
in the mainstream-market digests makes sense.  And I'd love to see TPBs 
added to the Gemstone/Disney lineup, especially the Barks/Rosa/Van-Horn 
TPBs that you mention.

But in a sense, this is nit-picky stuff.  I'm just thankful that disney 
comics are finally returning in ANY format; I'm excited about finally 
seeing all the stories by Rosa, Gerstein, and others that I've been 
missing; and I'll gladly take whatever I can get.

- Mark

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