TPBs... H.W.Fluks at
Wed Dec 18 10:17:57 CET 2002

People have been talking about the format of Gemstone's new Disney comics,
and they use the term 'Trade paperback" (TPB). I have been wondering for a
while now: what *is* a TPB? Is it like any comics I know from Gladstone,
Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia?

I have the impression that a TPB is *not*:

- a normal comic book (like Dell's WDC);
- a digest (or pocket book, like Disney Adventures or slightly bigger);
- a prestige format (like Gladstone's WDC and US right before they stopped);
- a graphic novel (like Gladstone's CB Library in Color series).

But I can be wrong here, of course.


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