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Wed Dec 18 19:29:04 CET 2002

    A different 2 part interview with Steve Geppi can be found at this

    A few comments on what some others have written so far.  Thanks Dan
Shane for your "cranky" rant and rave!  The last thing we need is for
people on the mailing list to only post positive views about upcoming
formats, prices, etc.  Different opinions makes for more interesting and
thoughtful discussions.  For what it is worth, I think $5.00 is too
steep a price too.  I like the idea of the size and format of these
"digests", but it would sure be nice if the price could be more

    I also agree with Mark that in a way this is all nit-picky stuff.
Perhaps I shouldn't let Gemstone in on this secret, but I am going to
support them no matter what the format is!  That doesn't mean that I
don't have preferences though.  The most important thing of all is to
find a successful format that gets kids reading Disney comics.  If that
format is not my favorite, that is still fine with me.  If kids don't
start reading Disney comics again, eventually again they will be in no
format... :(  I certainly don't want that to happen!  Right now I am
just extremely excited and June 2003 can't come by fast enough for me!

Dean Rekich
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