Boring discussion!

Duckburg-sigvald sigvald at
Sat Dec 21 17:00:20 CET 2002

Hi all!

Stefan Diös has recently posted this inteersting pieceof information:
> Also, Don, I hear that your strike is over
> and you've taken up comics work again. This
> should be a great news item, but I don't
> think I've seen it mentioned on this list.
> Anything you can tell us? Even if all details
> of your agreement can't be shared, I do hope
> it turns out well and satisfactory for you.
> I already know it will turn out well for the
> readers, if the rumor is true and you do
> continue your work!

And how's *your* reaction to this which seems to be the greatest news this
year? It's a boring discussion about Prince Valiant. OK, Prince Valiant is
known as great comics, but here it actually is off-topic, especially when
there is a very important discussion around Stefan's rumours just waiting to
be started. But this is *not* the only reason I may sound a little irritated
right now. Today's my birthday, and I would like to find some more
interesting new stuff on DCML than this Prince Valliant stuff.

Sigvald :-)

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