Boring discussion!

Armando Botto armando.botto at
Sat Dec 21 20:56:55 CET 2002

Sigvald wrote:
> Stefan Diös has recently posted this inteersting pieceof information:
>> Also, Don, I hear that your strike is over [...]
> And how's *your* reaction to this which seems to be the greatest news this
year? It's a boring discussion about Prince Valiant. OK, Prince Valiant is
known as great comics, but here it actually is off-topic, especially when
there is a very important discussion around Stefan's rumours just waiting to
be started.

Don't worry, Sigvald: thanks to your message, I'm sure another very
important discussion is going to be started - about trolls and killfiles...

Seriously, now:

1) Stefan's message was posted yesterday afternoon. So, most DCML
subscribers haven't had a chance to read it before today's digest was
produced. Today is Saturday, and it's the last weekend before Christmas.
Most of us do have a life outside DCML, so I'm not surprised at all to see
very few postings here, regardless of the topic's importance.

2) Anyway, what kind of "important discussion" did you expect to arise from
Stefan's message? I was very glad to read it, but it basically says "There
are rumours that your strike is over, Don. Can you confirm?" It seems
natural to me to wait for Don's answer, and then maybe ask about his next
story (if he hasn't already told us in his answer, and if noone else has
already asked him).

3) It's fun to notice that the "boring off-topic discussion about Prince
Valiant" was started by Don himself. Should we scold him, Sigvald? "Get back
to the drawing board, Don, and stop filling your Disney stories with
off-topic references to non-Rosa facts"... ;-)

> But this is *not* the only reason I may sound a little irritated right
now. Today's my birthday, and I would like to find some more interesting new
stuff on DCML than this Prince Valliant stuff.

Happy birthday! May I ask you how old you are?


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