Boring discussion!

Duckburg-sigvald sigvald at
Sun Dec 22 00:33:59 CET 2002

Armando Botto <armando.botto at> wrote:

> Don't worry, Sigvald: thanks to your message,
> I'm sure another very important discussion is
> going to be started - about trolls and
> killfiles... ;-)

I certainly not hope so, because that could harm
the good atmosphere here on DCML. And we most
certainly don't need that now just before

> Seriously, now:
> 1) Stefan's message was posted yesterday
> afternoon. So, most DCML subscribers haven't
> had a chance to read it before today's digest
> was produced.

Oh? It was in my mail-box yesterday.

> Today is Saturday, and it's the last weekend
> before Christmas. Most of us do have a life
> outside DCML, so I'm not surprised at all to
> see very few postings here, regardless of the
> topic's importance.

Correct, but I didn't comment the number of

> 2) Anyway, what kind of &quot;important
> discussion did you expect to arise from
> Stefan's message?

Speculations, etc.

> 3) It's fun to notice that the "boring off-
> topic discussion about Prince Valiant" was
> started by Don himself.

No, it wasn't! It was started by Carey Furlong.
Don Rosa just answered a question about some
letters he did hide in his latest story "The
Dream of a Lifetime". Anyway Dons part of that
discussion was written before the rumor was

> But this is *not* the only reason I may sound
> a little irritated right now. Today's my
> birthday, and I would like to find some more
> interesting new stuff on DCML than this Prince
> Valliant stuff.
> Happy birthday! May I ask you how old you are?

36 years (I was born in 1966).

Sigvald :-)

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