Sigvald is bored

Carey Furlong stratocruiser at
Sun Dec 22 21:34:33 CET 2002

Sigvald wrote:
> No, it wasn't! It was started by Carey Furlong.
> Don Rosa just answered a question about some
> letters he did hide in his latest story "The
> Dream of a Lifetime". Anyway Dons part of that
> discussion was written before the rumor was
> posted.

No sir, I did not start the discussion about Prince Valiant.  Don first
mentioned him in regards to Film Score Monthly. Go back and try "reading"
the thing again.  All I did was clarify the title.  I first mentioned Film
Score Monthly as a possible meaning of the acronym FSM, which appeared on
one of his comic pages. Then Don mentioned Prince Valiant.

And something else:  The "major rumor" you mention, which engendered your
irritation in the first place because no one responded to it fast enough to
suit you on your birthday is not as far as I'm concerned, "maybe the biggest
news of the year." I always believed Don Rosa, whom I love, would return to
producing stories.  For me the biggest news of the year is the announcement
of the return of Disney comics to America.  That, my loquacious friend, is
"for me" the single most important fact in comics for 2002. But that's also
just my opinion, and I don't fault others for not sharing it, and many
won't.  Yet, even so, I won't accuse them of being irritating or
participating in boring discussions, not even on my birthday.

Sheesh! The major irritant on the list is irritated and bored with some of
us. Is that ironic, or what?


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