Rosa back in business

Kai Saarto ksaarto at
Tue Dec 24 10:57:36 CET 2002

Don Rosa wrote:

> Well, since this stuff is strictly between me and Egmont, I don't
> automatically blab about it (unless forced to). Yes, we seem to have pretty
> much come to a mutual agreement that I think will allow me to continue to
> create new stories and other artwork for at least another few years (and I
> hope longer). I might not be actively supporting all all-Rosa reprint
> projects, but I at least will allow the use of my name on the projects, and
> hopefully we'll work something out so that I can be directly involved
> (because I enjoy it and I am very proud of such projects, obviously).
> But now consider the time lag here... don't look for anything new too soon.
> If I start a story NOW, it takes me about 3 or 4 months to finish one, and
> then there's a 6 month span of time between completion and
> first-publication. That means you won't see a new story by moi for at
> *least* 9 months. I hate that. 6 months lost...

Still, this is great news to get on December 24th. I for one am very 
glad to see you back in business. Merry Christmas to everyone who 
celebrates it!

- Kai Saarto

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