HD&L caps & colors.

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I also remember the quote below from the "Disney Comics Days" in the USA.  

"Red is the darkest of the hues, so Huey wears red.
Water is blue, and dew is water, so Dewey wears blue.
This leaves out Louie. Leaves are green, so Louie wears green!!!"

To the best of my recollection, it was adhered to in the comics of the time. 
I don't recall if Gladstone followed suit after assuming the comics license 
for the second time.  

The "cap color assignments", if not the quote itself, appeared to come from 
"higher-up" at Disney, as Huey = Red, Dewey = Blue, and Louie = Green was the 
standard Disney used for the DUCKTALES TV series.  

I never watched QUACK PACK (...the idea of the older nephews and so much else 
about that show did not appeal to me), so I can't speak to that series.    I 
don't think this carried through to the short duck cartoons used in the later 
MOUSEWORKS and HOUSE OF MOUSE series -- which I DID enjoy very much.  

Personally, I rather like the idea as stated above, and keep it as part of my 
"personal duck canon"... and, if one thing's certain around here, we sure ALL 
hold our own "personal duck canon"!  

Joe Torcivia.   

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