Nephews' Cap Colour

Kai Saarto ksaarto at
Sat Dec 28 23:36:50 CET 2002

Ari Seppi wrote:
> Rob:
>> It will be intersting to hear from members in the various countries 
>> whether or
>> not there were "official colours" in their publications. Perhaps some 
>> did, but
>> only during certain years, with specific Chief Editors???
>> Kai,...Can you look through all your Finnish Duck stories and tell us 
>> if you
>> see a pattern there? (we'll understand if you don't have time to do so).
> Actually we have an easier way to find out the official colours in Finland:
> Aku Ankka's WWW-page and its KÄÄK-section. The colours are:
> Huey-blue, Dewey-yellow or green, and Louie-red. As Kai remembered
> this thing has been dealt with in an editorial page of Aku Ankka 21/1979.

Thanks Ari,

1979 was the first year of my subscription, so it figures well. I just 
now realized that "Hupu" is not "Huey" in English, but Dewey... Only 
took 20+ years to figure that out. I feel so smart just now...

This still doesn't confirm if this pattern is used in all Egmont 
stories, or how widely this is used outside Finland.

- Kai Saarto

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