Don Rosa in Boston (and Naples)

Gary Pantzer gpantzer at
Sun Dec 29 22:35:06 CET 2002

Don Rosa will be in Boston, MA on Sunday - Feb.23,2003 at the 
"The Boston Comic Book and Toy Spectacular" which takes place
in the Radisson Hotel. You can get directions at the promoter's web

This page has not been updated with the info for the Feb show yet,
but Don has confirmed his appearance there. I hope any fellow fans
in the area can attend. We have had a good turnout the last 2 times
I was there. It is always a pleasure to meet with other duck fans and
hold Q+A sessions with Don.

For all our friends across the Big Pond, Don will be in Naples,Italy
on March 7-9... Luca Boschi may be able to provide details on this
show and directions...although it is a bit far for me to drive, so I'll
settle for Boston (a scant 4-5 hour drive depending on the weather).

Gary Pantzer
Oneida, NY

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