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Mon Feb 4 17:55:04 CET 2002

Hi, everybody!!!

Don Rosa told:
>>>Did anyone ask permission for this, Gilles?

No, they didn't. When I've first read about this book in a message posted 
here, a lot of details striked me much:
*this book provided links to some of our sites, so its autor must know our 
sites, and so mine
*it uses the fact that daisy is grandma's grandniece.  I have been , I think, 
the first and the only one to have this idea about daisy being grandma's 
grandniece in my tree. I immediately told myself that they stole me the 
idea!!! I didn't told you about this, because you were so enthusiastic about 
having links to your sites in this book, but I have been really choked about 
this. Even if they didn't quote me as a source, they could at least add a 
link to my site!!! 
Well,...this is what life is made of.... ;-)

With the agreement of Rich, I will add him in my site because this is still a 
tree, but I don't like it at all !!!
If somebody can buy this ***** book for me, this would be nice, because, as a 
collector, I must do this (yuck) ;-)

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