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Fabio Blanco longtom at oeste.com.ar
Mon Mar 4 10:43:39 CET 2002

Mmm... I didn't see yet, but I suppose is like the former Superboy show,
without a Superboy suit. There is a young Lex Luthor and sure Lana Lang is
hanging from the pants of  a baby face Clark Kent.
That trend of superheroes without costumes is fine when is writed by Warren
Ellis o Grant Morrison. But with Superman... I don't know:  for me Supes is
Doc Savage with pajamas...

I ever preferred the former propietor of the Fortress of Solitude...

Fabio Blanco

bonvolu postu al longtom at oeste.com.ar

> Don asked:
> > But then, when does this "Smallville" show take place?
> It happens in the present. It has nothing to do with any other Superman or
> DC continuities.
> --
> Pekka Timonen (pati at iki.fi)

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