Mickey Parade, Moby Duck, Indexing PM.... (François, You have to read this!)

Goofy313g@aol.com Goofy313g at aol.com
Mon Mar 4 18:15:03 CET 2002

Hi! Guess what???
 Moby Duck is back in France, in the last Mickey Parade!!
That was such a long time!
I am sure Me, Olivier, François and the other french dcmailians were the only 
persons who remember about him, here in France!
I am very happy, and I wanted to share this happinessful moment with u!!!
When will all the wonderful websites which disappeared appear again?? I have 
a lot of pages in my site which link to nowhere :-((

To François: 
I have been very busy with my exams and all, but I will soon help you to 
index all the missing PM, and all the other magazines I told you about, I 
just need time, you know. Just warn me, if somebody already indexed them!

Since last two months, Mickey Parade has been changed: 
It is bigger, with more pages, more informations about the stories, and a new 
name: Mickey Parade Géant (Giant MP). It is very good! That wouldn't be a 
matter for me indexing them too, as I will buy 'em all! 

Will you change the indexing abbreviation for Mickey Parade? It hasn't the 
same name, but the number of the issues are kept...

There are also in another story from the magazine two characters I like who 
hadn't been spoken about for a long time : Gilbert and Witch Hazel!!! A real 

Have a good March month!!!
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