Diatribes on Moby Duck

François Willot willot.francois at ec-lille.fr
Tue Mar 5 01:20:54 CET 2002

Gilles -

Moby Duck in Mickey-Parade?!?! What kind of production is it? Reprints? Old
US comics?
Is he still spelled Moby Dick? I haven't got the latest Mickey-Parade yet
but I am waiting forward to see it. Moby represents Kay Wright's & Gil-Bao's
style to me. He is like Madame Mim. A no-character, a ghost, a zombie, a
nobody. I'm surprised you like him so much... He disappeared long before I
bought my first comics, and you are younger than me.

If Mickey-Parade is reprinting Kay Wright and at the same time refuse to
publish dozens of Scarpa and Bottaro they have never published, where are we
going?!? And then they complain they have nothing to publish? (But then of
course, you need to write a translation from scratch when reprinting
unpublished stories. I suspect that's a decisive factor when deciding which
story to use).

>I will soon help you to index all the missing PM, and all the other
magazines I told you about,
>I just need time, you know. Just warn me, if somebody already indexed them!

You're welcome, send me a mail when you have something!

>Since last two months, Mickey Parade has been changed:
>It is bigger, with more pages, more informations about the stories, and
>a new name: Mickey Parade Géant (Giant MP). It is very good!

I have only seen the first issue. It contains as much as two Mickey Parade,
but not much more than what was in the first one in 1966... the number of
pages have diminuished a lot in the last 20 years.

>Will you change the indexing abbreviation for Mickey Parade? It hasn't
>the same name, but the number of the issues are kept...

For this reason, I would like to keep it the same. It's still "Mickey
Parade" (MP) to collectors and fans.
There is a not-so-good abbreviation for the first series (MPP =
Mickey-Parade première) from the day when the number of characters was
limited. But changing it is complicate now, and... I'm not too picky on

>There are also in another story from the magazine two characters I like
>who hadn't been spoken about for a long time : Gilbert and Witch
>Hazel!!! A real pleasure!

It has been a long time... Witch Hazel? Maybe a Bottaro story?


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