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Rob Klein bi442 at lafn.org
Wed Mar 13 04:46:00 CET 2002

For the Italian members interested in the Topolino 261 story "Back to School", 
with 3 tiers and 21 pages:  It was, indeed, the lead story in Huey, Dewey and 
Louie Back to School Dell Giant Comic Nr. 35 from 1960. Yes, it was 16 pages of 
4-tiers each.  It WAS titled "Back to School", and drawn by Tony Strobl. 

Interesting that the island was supposed to be in the Mediterranean Sea, yet 
they pointed to Gibraltar on the World Globe; and yet, Donald said that it was 
800 miles off the African coast.  The (dog-like (human, non-"Wooly Willies)
natives were very darkly tanned (similar to the usual portrayal of South Sea 
islanders.  The actual area on the map would be near the Azores.  Were they 
supposed to be related to the "Guanches" who first inhabited the Canary islands?
many Western Publishing plot lines were not very well thought out and 
researched in those days.  I doubt that this story would be accepted by a 
currant editor in this condition.  I would have had liked it much better if the 
writer had called the island(s) The Azores or Madeira and tied the story to the 
Atlanis legend; or The Canary Islands, and tied the story much more to the 
hyroglyphs there, and therefore, much more tothe ancient Phoenecians. Further, 
there was no real interplay with the Islanders as exchange students.  The use 
of the unknown species of "Wooly-Willies" was very much underplayed and 
unrealistic -even for a fictional plot.  - Rob

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