back to school again

Marco Barlotti marcobar at
Wed Mar 13 12:38:41 CET 2002

Hi, Rob, and THANKS for the information:

>For the Italian members interested in the Topolino 261 story "Back to 
>with 3 tiers and 21 pages:  It was, indeed, the lead story in Huey, Dewey and
>Louie Back to School Dell Giant Comic Nr. 35 from 1960. Yes, it was 16 
>pages of
>4-tiers each.  It WAS titled "Back to School", and drawn by Tony Strobl.

Now, since (I suppose) you have that Dell Giant Comic at hand, could you 
check whether the following panel belongs to that comic book, and whether 
it's the cover or it's taken from a game page or...:

This was used in the Italian "Topolino" to introduce the whole bunch of 
stories taken from that GDC. To me, it looks like a TRACED Strobl.
Thank you!


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