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Arttu Salminen arttusal at
Wed Mar 13 16:42:34 CET 2002

Don wrote:
> ...And I've already gotten about 10 messages from people who can't find
> "D.U.C.K." in the splash panel. Well, it's there, but I made it very tiny,
> not knowing that the colorist would unintentionally obscure it with dark
> coloring. It's also an instance when the letters do not appear all
> but appear nearby each other in matching spots -- past examples of this
> "rule of hiding" would be in each of a camel's 4 knees, or in each of the
> arms of a crucifix.
> I guess some people might want to hunt a little more, so that's all I'll
> for now.

Yeah, I found it. And also on the cover. Is Aku Ankka the only place where
the cover will be? At least on their web pages, the cover wasn't in the
Scandinavian weeklies. And also, why didn't this week's Aku Ankka include a
preface to the story from you, have you stopped writing those or something?
I really loved reading those!

Arttu Salminen

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