DCML digest #862

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Thu Mar 14 14:47:32 CET 2002

From: "Arttu Salminen" <arttusal at perunamaa.net>
>>>>Is Aku Ankka the only place where the cover will be?

Yes, only in AA. The other Egmont weeklies don't want my type of covers.
And, as always, the AA folks colored it very nicely! Good coloring makes a
cover (or a story) look 200% better! I wish more Disney publishers realized

>>>> why didn't this week's Aku Ankka include a
preface to the story from you, have you stopped writing those or something?

Heck, no, I like to write those prefaces! That's the only time I can point
out the many little details that many readers might miss and want to know
about. And it's when I get a chance, on the adventure/historical stories, to
confirm for any readers who might still not be sure that all the facts, no
matter how obscure or hard-to-believe, are completely authentic.
Actually, I don't recall -- they might have asked me and I told them that
there wasn't anything to write about in this sort of story... it's just a
quickie "gag" story. Easy to write and draw and some fast laffs, but not
much depth. The fact that when they're done I have nothing much to say about
'em is probably one reason the "gag" stories don't interest me so much.
But perhaps AA only asked me for the cover this time. I only wait to be
asked -- I don't suggest to publishers what they should or should not do.
I'm *so grateful* that I don't have to deal with all those decisions that
editorial staffs have to worry about day in and day out! I have the EASY

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