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Rob Klein bi442 at
Thu Mar 14 16:06:58 CET 2002

For Marco's question:  The Italian page was NOT a tracing of Strobl. It is the 
lower 2/3 of a lead-in page to the first (untitled)story about the "exchange 
students".  It was printed only in black and white, and formed the inside cover 
page. It was apparantly inked by someone other than Tony Strobl, or the inker 
who inked for him at that time. It was inferior quality, as it did not match 
the lines of Tony's pencils as much as those of the inner stories, and his 
other printings of 1959-60.  it is clear that the pencils must have been 
Tony's, as the Duck in the lower left corner unmistakeably shows his style 
(also, the Duck on lower right, but less so). The original chalk board was both 
taller and wider, and was meant to show "School Safety Rules". 

looking at these stories now, as an adult, I feel they are of poor quality, and 
actually quite silly.  If we were to produce a "Back to School" series now, I 
am sure we would do a much better job of it. - Rob

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