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Fri Mar 15 13:00:27 CET 2002


> Of course, in the Rosa Duck world, there would be no UPC labels at all.

Even more so in the Barks world, where oolated squiggs and Barks dog soup
first made their appearance. If you go to your local supermarket, however,
I am sure that you will find many brands that have been available since
the 1950s and, guess what, they all have UPC symbols on their packages!

Just because Scrooge and co. may have died/grown up/whatever circa 1964,
does not mean that their world entered a time loop and nothing ever
happened to it after that.

I bet that old-style cans of oolated squiggs without UPC symbols are a
collector's item these days, especially if they still contain those oh
so slippery squiggs!

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