DCML digest #863

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Fri Mar 15 14:32:30 CET 2002

From: Kriton Kyrimis <kyrimis at cti.gr>
>>>>>To bring this discussion back on topic, and since the last digest was
mostly about D.U.C.K.s, could someone tell me where was the D.U.C.K. in
the money bin story? There didn't seem to be many places in the splash
panel where it could be hiding, and I couldn't find it in those few places
that seemed like they could.

I figured that would be an easy one since I put it on the focal point of the
whole splash panel... the birthday cake. It was not removed from the cake,
even though in some editions the candy gallows on the top of the cake was

From: "Olaf Solstrand" <harryklein at hotmail.com>
>>>Even as "Forget it!" is a GOOD story, one thing strikes me about it: It
not have the same first floor... No, wait, in English the word is "ground
floor", right?... as in the Money Bin Blueprints.
Any ideas/thoughts around this?

I think you've already thought about it too much for us all.
As I told everyone when we designed those blueprints, you should never
expect me to draw all my stories based religiously on those plans. I don't
intend to! I must draw the rooms and lay-out of the Bin to accommodate the
time and space I have to tell my story.
In the "Gyro 50th Anniversary" story that's coming up, I show windows in the
executive office level of the Bin, even though the blueprints show that's
not so. Why did I do that? Simply because I did not have the time or space
for the characters to run upstairs to look out a window.
Or maybe the Bin was remodeled between 1902 when the blueprints were
supposedly designed, and about 195? when my modern stories take place.
On the other hand, if you reeeaaaally wanted to, you can make the scenes in
"Forget It!" match the blueprints, if you simply don't assume one panel is
following directly on the previous one. When $crooge falls down the stairs,
he ends up on the floor just below his executive-office floor -- you only
assumed that was the ground floor. And when I show him pointing at Magica
through the front doors of the Bin, that might have been later, after a
quick trip down via the elevator and run through the booby-trap hall to the
vestibule -- you only assumed it was on the same floor where he fell down
that stair flight. I don't have the time or space to show all that extra
Or you can just not think about it too much.
By the way, the American idea is that the first floor and the ground floor
are the same. It's in certain European countries that the first floor
(strangely!) is one level up from the ground. Dan Shane and I had to check
with each country we designed personalized blueprints for to see where their
first floor should be, as that reduced the height of their Bin by one floor
(in name).

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