The Don & Rosa Show

Heike und Sven taeger-troschke at
Sat Mar 16 16:23:50 CET 2002

  In the latest issue of the German pocket book they published the story 
with the code I - 2375 - 5 by Gianfranco Cordara (Story) and Sergio 
Cabella (Art). It is about a TV talk show whose ratings have become very 
low lately, and hence they are looking for ways to get more viewers 
again. They succeed by first making Gladstone and later Donald the star 
(and the target) of the show.

The story is not very special, but there is something to it (at least in 
the German translation), which I find very odd: The hosts of the show 
are a woman (named Rosa) and a man (named Don), and consequently their 
show is called 'The Don & Rosa Show', and that is also the title of the 

The story is, however, in no way Rosa-like; there is no person in it, 
who resembles Don; it also cannot be an homage to Don, because it is too 
flat. I cannot really understand why the story would have such a title. 
What is the title of the story in other languages? Is it just a (lame) 
gag of the German translator, or what? What do you think about it? What 
does Don think about it?


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