Little off topic: Sky Dool!

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at
Sat Mar 16 19:01:36 CET 2002

Hi! Sorry to be so much off-topic, but someone around here are able to trade
with me the Alessandro Barbucci's, Barbara Canepa's Sky Dool graphic novels?
I can send brazilian Disney Comics in return, as usual. I'm not sure in what
countries this masterpiece is avaiable, so it's because of it I didn't ask
anyone on private.

Justo to not be so much off-topic:
Besides "Witch", what others Disney projects Barbara Canepa managed to work
with? I knew she cames from the "Accademia Disney"...she's also an drawer?
I think she's an wonderful colorist! Any more "Bio" info about her?


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