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hi all,


i agree with geo entirely about his being ripped off on the "signed" barks 
poster on ebay. the listing clearly says "signed" in the title and it clearly 
shows a "signed" poster in the photograph.

i have heard some lame excuses before, but to say, as the dealer does, that 
geo should know from the low price that the item was not signed is a 
ridiculous excuse. who says someone "would never get a signed Barks anything 
for onlyh $15.00?" i have -- and on ebay, too, and from people who know more 
about barks' signed work than this dealer ever will. 

there are still bargains on ebay, although not as many as there used to be, 
so there's no reason to believe the poster was anything other than what the 
dealer said it was. a few month ago, for example, someone bought a numbered 
and signed copy of edward gorey's "leaves from a mislaid album" for $299.00 
on buy-it-now, which means the dealer set a maximum price for the item; if 
you could find a copy with a professional dealer who knew what he or she was 
doing, that item would be more than a thousand dollars. according to this 
dealer, we should think this item actually is not genuine, because you would 
never get one for only $299.00.

anyone who has any trouble with a dealer on ebay should contact ebay through 
"safe harbor" or "customer support" -- email: safeharbor at ebay.com or 
support at ebay.com. the amount of the item doesn't matter. fraud is fraud. 
misrepresentation is misrepresentation. someone had a 96th birthday 
invitation listed a little while ago, saying that the writing inside it was 
by barks, when in fact it was a printed copy of his writing. ebay delisted 

if you'd rather call or write ebay, here are the secret phone number and 

2005 Hamilton Ave # 350
San Jose, CA

1(408) 558-7400

that poster also exists in a limited signed and numbered edition of 500 
copies; those come with a certificate of authenticity pasted to the back of 
the poster. how many more exist that were signed but not numbered is anyone's 
guess. beware, it's real easy to add numbers to a signed print or poster. 
there probably are a lot that were unsigned and unnumbered, too.

good luck.


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