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Oggetto: Michael Naiman, Grading comics and whitman comics
This message is for Michael Naiman (his email is missing)
But if there someone who wants to tell me his thinking welcome!
Hi Michael, I would like to loose other your time considering your
experience in comics,
1) If you read this description of comics what grading is it?
Book is flat, tight, white pages
There is wear on the spine, & the top & bottom corners of the spine
There is a crease on the cover, also on the bottom of the crease is a 3" cut
The 1st page has a crease on the bottom, looks like a tear, but it isn't,
about 1 1/2"
On the bottom edge of the cover looks like a color touch up, about 1/2"X 2",
goes through to the inside cover
No rips or tears on the pages
2) Recently on e-bay someone sold a 3-pack with DD222, He said, this comics
is rarest than US179, is it possible? or it said about 3-pack with each
what can you tell me about 3-pack with these kind of comic (DD222, US179,
WDC480, MM208)
I'm very sorry for my english

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