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I am building a section about Disney Characters' cars...

If Donald Duck has built his 313 alone with spare parts, why does the car 
have a name? (Belchfire Runabout).
And why, in the story "The Duck Who never was", does the car exist when 
Donald doesn't?

About Grandma's Detroit Electric car:
It seems that there are two distinct cars: one is more square than the 
There is another problem: why is the number of the car sometimes 1902, 
sometimes 1890 ? ? ?

A question which has nothing to do with the preceding questions: do you still 
have contacts with Marc Worden? Does he draw Disney comic stories?       If 
no, what was/is the link between him and Disney Comics universe?
Did you know that Gus's relatives in his tree were characters from barks 
stories before I told about this in my site?(I also noticed another character 
who alredy existed in a Barksian story, but I don't tell you until my site is 

Thank u!
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