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From: Goofy313g at aol.com (Goofy313g at aol.com)
Subject: Cars [to Don Rosa]
>>>If Donald Duck has built his 313 alone with spare parts, why does the car
have a name? (Belchfire Runabout).

Where did you get that name? From the Barks painting of the 80's/90's? The
info in my story about the various makes of the car parts that the "313" is
made up of came from a Barks story from the 40's. Regardless of the dating,
as I've said before as far as I'm concerned any info from a Barks story
completely overrules any info from a Barks painting of that much-later
period of work. The stories are the only things that matter to me.

>>>And why, in the story "The Duck Who never was", does the car exist when
Donald doesn't?

Well, if he got the car body parts from one particular make (I won't even
check which make that is), why would another car not exist that externally
resembled the actual "313"? But I really didn't worry about this -- I wanted
that car to exist in that story, so it existed. Didn't you know that the
story you refer to was only a dream? Maybe.

>>>>About Grandma's Detroit Electric car:
It seems that there are two distinct cars: one is more square than the
There is another problem: why is the number of the car sometimes 1902,
sometimes 1890 ? ? ?

As Barks did not create that car, I don't worry about it much. Those
"numbers" you refer to are years, the dates that the cars were supposedly
built. But I doubt that the artists really checked to see if Studebaker
Electrics were made in either of those rather *too early* years, or exactly
what they looked like.
Normally I would say "don't worry about this stuff so much! You'll make
yourself crazy! Even *I* don't pay such attention to details when I don't
want to!"... but I know your mission is to fit *everything* that's ever
appeared in *any* Disney comic story made *anywhere at any time* together
into ONE continuity-reality. And since I know that that project is such a
handful that it will eventually drive you into an asylum, I won't add to
your difficulties. Carry on...

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