The Hero of the Dike , and more [to Don Rosa] Goofy313g at
Sun Mar 24 23:21:59 CET 2002

What do you think about Barks' "The Hero of the Dike" story?
Would you ever write a sequel to this story, or do you consider this has 
never appeared?

Why in your story coded D 91071 (I think I remember the title is something 
like "the Island at the edge of time"), why doesn't scrooge live in the Bin?

Why didn't you use in the Lo$ the panels in Barks' WUS 49 (I think it is "the 
lunar gold rush) in which we can see scrooge at the klondike and scrooge in 
the transvaal with a argus McSwine lookalike character?

Will Panchito and Jose appear in some of your stories? What about the Aracuan 

Thank u for answering
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