Whitman and Gold Key logo's on 70's comics, cover differences

Geo geodiaz_79 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 25 10:12:19 CET 2002

I was going through my books tonight to make of list of what I'm missing (haven't really gone through them in about 3 years, I have been out of collecting for almost 7 years) and I was looking at some issue when I discovered something odd.  I was always aware that the 70's issues of all Disney comics appeared with either the Gold Key or the Whitman logos, but I found that the cover colors are different on the few that I have both versions of.  Example: I have two copies of Uncle Scrooge 125 (reprints "Hall of the Mermaid Queen" from US #68), one with the Whitman logo and one with the Gold Key.  The cave wall on the Gold Key copy is a dark purple (almost royal blue with a little red in it), the Whitman copy is a much lighter purple (almost lavender).  Scrooge's wet suit is a different color (blue on one, pruple on the other) and so is a fish that appears to the right of his right foot.  Now I realize this is a little nit picky, but it's enough to make me wonder if these issue were possibly printed at different times.  The adds are the same through out booth books and the back covers have the same add.  The indicia is also the same.  I guess the question I'm posting is this: Are the Whitman issues printed by different print houses or could they have been reprinted later to fill the 3 issue bags when they ran out of books?  From what I've read in "Uncle Scrooge- His Life and Times+ (first trade edition, 1987) the different logos began to appear due to distribution (perhaps pre existing contracts with Gold Key that had to be filled to vendors under the Gold Key logo, the book does not go into detail).  It does not reference different printers as having produced the issues, and it does not mention color differences.  Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

Also I would like to add that when I found this mailing list I was skeptical. I've always had issues with online forums and mail lists and such, guess I'm an old fashion kinda guy, which is odd at 27.  But I've been reading the posts for a few weeks now and I'm really starting to enjoy them a lot.  I work for a large Internet company and have been a professional computer tech for years, long enough to learn to hate the Internet I guess, but every once in a while I find a spot on the information super highway seem less like a smut factory and more like a community, and this is definitely a community.  I may be new to it this group, but I'm already starting look forward to checking my email and seeing what new posts are on the list.  Sorry to sound so sappy, but it's not often that I get to talk "Ducks" and I appreciate the fact that now I can.  I joined this list on a whim a few weeks ago and the site has rekindled a life long interest of mine.  Thank you.



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