Whitman and Gold Key logo's on 70's comics, cover differences

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> .  Example: I have two copies of Uncle Scrooge 125 (reprints "Hall of the 
> Mermaid Queen" from US #68), one with the Whitman logo and one with the 
> Gold Key.  The cave wall on the Gold Key copy is a dark purple (almost 
> royal blue with a little red in it), the Whitman copy is a much lighter 
> purple (almost lavender).  Scrooge's wet suit is a different color (blue on 
> one, pruple on the other) and so is a fish that appears to the right of his 
> right foot.  Now I realize this is a little nit picky, but it's enough to 
> make me wonder if these issue were possibly printed at different times

probably not.  I have Marvel comics with the same thing.
  Just poor printing.

Steven Rowe
SRoweCanoe at aol.com
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