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>>What I wanted to know (and it seems likely in the case of Barks and Rosa from
>>what I have been gleaning from the postings) is if anyone has gone to the trouble
>>of sequencing the various Duck stories?  I suppose each writer has kept their
>>own sort of "timeline" (the Scrooge entry does a little of this on the DCML site)

Barks just wrote story after story unaware that anyone would care enough for them to keep them and worry about coherence. As the Ducks grew in popularity, especially when Uncle Scrooge got his own comic, he did pay a little more attention to details and maintainted some coherence as regards Uncle Scrooge. But there are inconsistencies and variations as he was feeling around (from a corn crib to a vault).

Don Rosa builds up on Barks' legacy as a homage and because it's the approach he prefers (as opposed to "modern" ducks); his stories are thus carefully written so that they fit into the Barks canon. But even then, as about any writer, he will tweak things around to accomodate a sotry's needs-- the Money Bin plans, for instance, are not set in stone.

>>and I would like to go about reading some of the stories in the order they were

Barks: order of publication
Don Rosa: the sequels to Barks stories obviously are to be read after :b
As for his "Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck", you will find a chronology (with locations, characters, pictures AND a map!) on *hem* my own site :D :
Click on the King of the Klondike icon (last, 2nd row) in the (left, yellow) Contents frame to access the Don Rosa section. Click around to display the chronology & map.

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