Brown canes in U$ 219

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> Also, I always keep my
> eye open for copies of my own first story in U$ #219 because the inks ran
> low during printing and the canes turned from a normal brown to a weird
> chartreuse!

Well, they're brown in my copy, which I bought from Gladstone as a back
issue a few months after it was published; I don't know whether this
makes it a direct-sales or a newsstand copy. I can't wait to meet you
one day and have you sign it on the part which does not reduce the comic
book's resale value, then sell it for an absurd amount of money! ;-)

[Nobody even *think* of taking the above seriously--this is one comic book
with which I am not going to part, and that's not because of the color
of the canes, be it brown, chartreuse, or orange with purple dots! Put
in context, I consider this particular story, in this particular edition,
Don's best: Imagine yourself back in 1987. You have been reading Gladstone
comics for a year or so, you have become familiar with the name of Carl
Barks, realizing that it had been he who had written many of the stories
you remember reading in your childhood, when, out of the blue, comes
this guy who produces a story that is at least as good as those stories
written by the Duck Man himself! Since then, Don may have written other
stories which he considers better, and later editions of that story may
have been printed in far better quality, but the effect of that story
on me, in that particular edition, cannot be reproduced. I remember
applauding when I finished reading that story; I've never done it for
any other story, not even Barks'.]

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