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Don Rosa sez:

For some reason only the Gold Key versions had
the numbers on the covers, though the Whitmans gained the numbers after Gold
Key ceased and there were *only* Whitman versions. Since this would require
changing the cover lay-out, even that tiny bit, the two versions would
        naturally be printed at different times, either days apart or just

Though I'm not a student of Gold Key/Whitman reprints, I'd venture to say
the press procedure that produced the different Gold Key and Whitman
versions is what is known as a black plate change. If handled properly, this
can be done during a single press run. After running the number of
impressions for one version the press is halted, the black plate is changed
out, and the run resumed for the other version. It's an added expense to a
run, but loads cheaper than doing two separate runs.

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