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Fellow Quackeroos:

Here's what hit the Greek stands in the past couple of weeks:

1) MIKY MAOUS #1861, March 15, 2002 (100 pages; cover price: 1.17 euro)
a) Black Pete in "Il succo del terrore", from "Topolino" #2311, 2000 (33
pages). Script: Fabio Michelini; Art: Alessio Coppola
b) Uncle Scrooge in "La leggenda di Coniraya", from "Topolino" #1280, 1980
(27 pages). Script: Gabriella Damianovich; Art: Franco Lostaffa
c) Goofy in "Showdown in Tumbleweed", WDC&S #433, 11 pages. Script: Unknown;
Art: Paul Murry
d) Gus Goose in "Il menu", from "Topolino" #2370, 2001 (5 pages). Script:
Sergio Tulipano; Art: Abramo Leghziel

2) MIKY MAOUS #1862, March 22, 2002
a) Inspector Manetta in "La banda di Manetta", from "Topolino" #2332, 2000
(30 pages). Script: Silvano Mezzavilla; Art: Luigi Piras
b) Uncle Scrooge in "La...mostruosa invadenza", from "Topolino" #1148, 1977
(22 pages). Script: Jerry Siegel; Art: Giorgio Cavazzano
c) Grandma Duck in "Moving to Town", S-76078, 20 pages. Script: Ed Nofziger;
Art: Tony Strobl
d) Morty & Ferdie in "Le insolite scuse", from "Topolino" #2319, 2000 (5
pages). Script: Tito Faraci; Art: Paolo Mottura

3) DONALD #52, March 2002 (100 pages; cover price: 1.75 euro)
a) Donald Duck in "Paperino attore virtuale", from "Topolino" #2271, 1999
(32 pages). Script: Carlo Gentina; Art: Ottavio Panaro
b) Donald Duck in "La sfida degli autografi", from "Topolino" #2184, 1997
(26 pages). Script: Sergio Tulipano; Art: Giancarlo Gatti
c) Donald Duck in "Il rituale scaramantico", from "Topolino" #2344, 2000 (30
pages). Script & art: Enrico Faccini

(Note: I understand there's a boycott going on currently against presenting
KOMIX's contents, but I'd like to mention that in April's issue that hit the
stands today, there are 2 articles by Don Rosa: one on "The Money-Bin's
Blue-Prints" ("Attention: Don't show this issue to the Beagle Boys!") which
are re-produced in two pages and another on his story "Ataaaaaack" which
graces this issue. In addition, in the editorial article on Gyro's 50th
anniversary, there appears page one of the rough pencils of Rosa's "Gyro's
First Invention". The next issue of KOMIX will be a 100-page special on
Goofy's 70th anniversary--with no Aragones whatsoever!!!)

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