877:Our Gang, DDF

Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at mail.mira.dk
Fri Mar 29 12:46:01 CET 2002

Thanks for the answers Steven and Don

And now for something completely different. 

I want to give you friends here the possibilty of joining a newly
grounded club. Listmember Søren Haagerup and I decided in the night of
december 29th last year that it was a mistake that there is no
donaldist socity in Denmark - so we grounded it together. We have now
reached a total of 10 members, including a norwegian and a swede. 
The full name of the club is Dansk Donaldist Forening (m/RAP) where
m/RAP stands for med Rap AndeProfil. 
All this means Danish Donaldist Society - and the m/RAP has a gag which
is quite untranslatable, but it means with a quacking DuckProfile. 
The purpouse of the club is to gather donaldists in Denmark and from
everywhere where people would like to join. thus we have contacted
swedish and norwegian forums and list, and now I'm writing to you
people here to make sure that all interested persons will know about
the possibilty of joining. 
We are in the making of our first members magazine (It's called
DDF(r)appet - meaning the DDF Quack or such) and it contains articles
about the club, other country's donaldist clubs, fanzines, forums and
maillists and the special feature: and interview with the first danish
translator Sonja Rindom (Inventor of Langtbortistan and Donald's danish
version of the Screaming Cowboy - the Howling Sailor). 
We plan to form a kind of comic shop which will mainly be in function
at our meatings - so far one is being planned in the end of july this

So danes, swedes, norwegians, germans and everybody who can read danish
or are simply interested - contact one of us two founders on
shaagerup at hotmail.com or acsive at yahoo.com - or maybe on the
club-adress: dansk_donaldist_forening at hotmail.com

That was all my quacking for right now. 

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