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Although not posted to the list, all of the articles that you mention
have been translated...

> The next issue of KOMIX will be a 100-page special on
> Goofy's 70th anniversary--with no Aragones whatsoever!!!)

...and if this is an indication that Komix have come to their senses,
(i.e., they do not announce any Aragones or other extraneous material for
the June issue), the Komix column may resume, and the translations may
get to see a wider distribution.

While we're on the subject of this month's Komix, I'd like to ask a
question regarding what should be the proper way of translating the money
bin blueprints to Greek. As you may have gathered from my ramblings in
this list, the official version of Greek spoken in Greece was changed by
decree, around 1980, from "katharevousa", an artificial language based
on ancient Greek to "dimotiki", an equally artificial language based on
actual spoken Greek (which proponents of both languages seem to abhor,
making language a political issue, but this is beside the point). In
any case, back in 1902, engineers would have used katharevousa, while in
2002 they use dimotiki. Komix made a stab for authenticity, attempting
to use the former, but using too many words in a form that only exists
in the latter. Although my position on the language issue is somewhere
in the middle, it is not in this particular middle, and in this case I
would think that using one of the two official languages would be more
appropriate.  Which one to use, however? One could choose dimotiki,
which is the language that all current Greek readers can understand,
and the only language that children are being taught, but, as I said,
this is totally inappropriate for a something written in 1902. On the
other hand, although an educated Greek would be writing in katharevousa
in 1902, I can't think of a single reason why Frank Lloyd Wr...Drake
would be drafting his plans in Greek, so what is the point of using the
Greek language of that period? Perhaps Komix's using a mix of the two
languages was intentional, after all, as they couldn't decide which of
the languages to use, either!

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