Another one by me in Italy!

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at
Sun Mar 31 01:30:38 CET 2002

Hello there!

I received some days ago from my very good friend Paolo a Mega 3000 with my
first storie published in Italy! It's called "José e il Divorossauro" there,
and for some reason one page wasn't published!!! Grrrr...

Anyway, brownsing on the Inducks I discovered that this month another story
by me was published there!!!

B 000042 Jose Carioca: Jose' e le bollicine
Mega 3000 n543

Anyone from Italy are interested on change this precious(to me, at least)
edition with some brazilian publication?
Er...please? :)
I've never aspect to my stories published outside Brazil!

So, thanks..."in anticipo!"

Fernando! :)

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