Any thoughts on this MM drawing? DGE at
Wed May 1 10:47:15 CEST 2002

	Hey Hans:

>Hi experts -
>Any thoughts on this drawing:
>Looks to me like it was definitely not drawn by Walt, but it could have

	I believe this to be the work of one man: Win Smith. I compare it to
the drawings Smith penciled and inked for the MM daily strip right after Ub
Iwerks' departure - the style, line tone, style of Mickey (fat nose in
particular) and lettering all match up.
	I suspect it was most likely drawn in late 1929 or early 1930.
	Iwerks was a better draftsman than Smith; gave Mickey a longer nose
and more dynamic poses. I don't think it could be his work.

	Yours hopefully,

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