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Anders Christian Siveb¾k anders_sivebaek at
Wed May 1 17:33:10 CEST 2002

Hi all

Yesterday I received my subscriber's edition of the german weekly, MM. It
contains the first part of Don's new story, Gyro's first invention. 
Apart from the fact that the germans partly covered the dedication to
Barks  with a caption saying part 1, it's a splendid printing, and it was
reading the story in german as the first language. 
First part tells me I have much to look forward to in the next part - it's
a very great story so far, I tell you. 
As we tell on the duckhunt page on upcoming stories we're proud that our
friend and fellow duckhunter Sigvald gave Don the idea for this story. 

My subscribers edition of the danish weekly then arrived today - showing
on the next weeks page (we're one week behind, as we follow the 
week numbers, if that term is even existing) a panel from the story and
the great cover which is going to be on the issue presenting the 1st part. 
Gyro's 50th "birthday" is really being celebrates, and oh yes, he deserves

Talking of birthdays and jubilees - when was/is the jubilee of the dutch
weekly? Is it too late to tell my friend there to remember to buy one
copy for me?

Anders Christian Sivebæk

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