Gyro's first success halvor at
Tue May 14 09:36:53 CEST 2002

I really loved Rosa's story about Gyro's first success, celebrating his first 
50 years. What puzzles me a bit, is that in the story, Gyro is celebrating 
something himself too. What could this be? It certainly cannot be the same 
thing that WE celebrate. This would be a time-paradox. I liked the idea of 
using Gyro to get Scrooge's money out, as using the toy-train would be a much 
to slow method. Also combining this idea with the invention of Little Helper is 
very nice. What's a bit strange about this though, is that Little Helper does 
not appear in the first Gyro-stories by Barks, but this doesn't really bother 
me. Using the think-box to make Little Helper intelligent was another nice 
idea, and if I'm not mistaken, the think-box also worked on Gyro himself, 
making him even more brilliant than he was before his little accident. His 
inventions were not very successful up to this point. Of course, this makes me 
wonder that maybe the think-box was his first success?
A couple of things bothers me a little about this story (but just a little). 
The first thing is Gyro's appearance. In the first Gyro-stories by Barks, his 
hair is quite different. It's longer, and cut in another way. In Rosa's story 
Gyro has the appearance of later stories. Why is this so? Wasn't Rosa allowed 
to draw Gyro the original way? Another thing, when reading Barks story about 
the think-box, I get the impression that Donald doesn't really know Gyro, only 
by reputation. Donald thinks Gyro's a nut, and he doesn't want his nephews to 
help him. Isn't this a bit strange, considering that Donald knows at this time 
that Gyro helped Scrooge with his big problem?

These things are only minor questions, not complains. The story was, as always 
by Rosa, very good, and I'm looking forward to his next story.


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