Rosa in the Netherlands and some OT (Michiel, Roy, Georges)

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Thu May 16 17:35:23 CEST 2002


> there are only 
> three Don Rosa-stories left unpublished in Holland, and these are 
> only the newest three

I didn't realise that. I already wondered why the Rosa stories are so few
and far between, but I didn't take the time to check my own indexes.
I guess we have to blame mr. Rosa for the low number of new stories. 8-)

> Seems like "they" (the VNU-press, or whatever it's named 
> nowadays) sure have an idea of the popularity of Don's stories, 
> when they reprint them in the "Oom Dagobert"-album series.

Sanoma. (This sounds like a Finnish pudding.)

And yes, they know the popularity of Rosa stuff. But that's no reason for
them to treat the person Rosa any different from other creators...

> What's wrong with Don's original covers? Why don't they use the 
> originals? Not attractive enough? Not 'smooth' enough?

That can't be the reason, since they (e.g. Maarten Janssens) make new covers
in Rosa's style. I think the reason is that *every* cover in Holland is
drawn or redrawn by the Dutch art department. They have a bunch of people
dedicated to making covers. Even the Barks covers are redrawn when they are
used as a cover.

> "The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut" was published in DDEx 2001-13 
> and something went wrong with the printing, so now you can see 
> *pixels*, no straight ink lines, but *pixeled* ink lines.

I think the problem was that this story came from France. Maybe they didn't
even get the stats from the French editors, but scanned the published story

> They screwed up "The Guardians of the Lost Library" too, by 
> changing the Junior Woodchuck-logo, so the whole point of the 
> conversion from ibis to WJW got lost.

Not lost, IMO. They changed the JW logo in such a way that it still
resembles an upside-down ibis.

> (Why "WJW"? Junior Woodcucks is JW, so why a second W?

"JWW" = "Junior Woodchucks of the World".

> Why don't the editors and translators of our Dutch magazines pay 
> proper respect to the stories that are presented to them?

They give Rosa's stories as much respect as any other story. Or maybe a bit
more. But (as I'm told) they don't want to spend VERY much extra effort on
the stories.

> If they write an "editorial page" for a "Oom Dagobert"-album, why 
> don't they do some research?

I think Thom Roep still writes these texts himself. I think he doesn't want
any other person to do it. Even when he isn't that interested in Rosa

> Which are the other two stories the album contains?

In Inducksese:

OD  67a     HC OD  67      1 c                  US
OD  67b     IC ZP          0hi          MRt     US  [/US en Goldie in
OD  67c     D 95044       24        DR  DR      US  Bevroren harten
OD  67d     D 90345       10        DR  DR      DD  Wie hoog werkt kan laag
OD  67e     AR 104        10        DR  DR      DD  Dieren versieren

(I didn't look for the exact origin of the Marco Rota drawing yet.)


> How funny, never knew where the name Holland came from...
> A lot of people consider Holland=Nederland where I live (Gelderland
> province). For example usually if the Dutch soccer team is on a big
> event (don't start about the WorldCup :-() all the fans yell Holland
> too!

Maybe I was too strict. Lost of Dutch people indeed use Holland as a synonym
for Nederland. But *I* was born in Groningen, and *I* don't like the idea
that Groningen is in Holland... 8-)


> In Luxembourg, we say "Holland",

Is that German, French, or Letzebuergisch? And is Holland the *only* name
for the country?

(In Holland, we say "Luxemburg".)

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