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I've been reading Rosa's new Gyro story a couple of times now and started
to wonder how superhelium actually works. When Gyro demonstrates it to
Donald he says that it forms a solid film when contacted with metal. Then
when Helper punctures the film gas starts to come out. But shouldn't it
have become a solid when it touched the coins inside. Well, that could be
explained with air being a catalyst for the reaction. But then again
shouldn't the hole Helper made close when the gas again has contact with
metal and air. Anyway, this bugs me a lot since I'm desperately
trying to become a chemist in the distant future.
Other than that it's a very nice story about Gyro and his best friend. It
reminds me of an Italian story Archimede e la scomparsa di Edi (I TL
2266-2) where Helper gets lost on a test flight and its lamp brakes. A
farmer finds it and changes the lamp. The lamp is different than the usual
one and Helper doesn't remember Gyro anymore. Gyro finds about Helper and
comes to get it, but it doesn't regonize him anymore. Gyro is really
heartbroken about this, but luckily everything ends up nice and Helper
gets home. And I really loved the Mickey in the broken toys box on page 8.
It just looks too cute on Donald's head.
Also I started to wonder why Scrooge's money didn't go straight to the
quicksand when they crashed down. That thin rock layer couldn't have
survived the impact those moneys gave.

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