Cover of Vacation Parade 2

Arne Voigtmann ArneVoigtmann at
Sun May 26 22:02:01 CEST 2002

Frank Bubacz schrieb am Samstag, 25. Mai 2002 um 15:48:

> Hi,all!

> I've come across the cover of VP2 recently, which can be seen here:
> I am sure that I saw this drawing a long time ago, when I was a kid. So I'm 
> also sure that it must have been published in Germany sometime. 
> Unfortunately, INDUCKS doesn't work temporarily, but, anyway, I can't 
> remember to have read about a German publication there. The drawing appeared 
> in Germany most probably as an illustration (not a cover), probably in Micky 
> Maus sometime in the seventies. I'm searching desperately for the item in 
> which it was included (chilhood treasures - you have it!). Is there any 
> German Micky Maus fanatic with a photographic memory who can help me?

> Frank

This illustration has been published in Germany, but I think you're
right that it was never used as a cover - but I don't know exactly
when and where it has been used.
What I know so far is that there was standing something like
"Micky Maus geht stets voraus" on the banner. Maybe they used it
for advertisement in other Disney magazines.

Arne Voigtmann

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